Mental health care for your workforce

Your employees need different kinds of mental health support at different times. Infinit Care provides your organization with custom mental health care that is able to meet each employee’s different and ever-changing needs.

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“As a company, it is our responsibility to ensure that our employees, frontliner or not, are well taken care of. One way of doing this is ensuring mental health is given the same attention as physical health - by offering a platform such as Infinit Care.”

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Comprehensive mental health care for each and everyone of your employees

Infinit Care partners with businesses and HR leaders to provide relevant and timely mental health support. Our services are founded on the principles of Education, Support and Insights that allow organizations to effectively address mental health issues in the workplace, build resilience among its employees, and increase productivity.


Lower the stigma surrounding mental health by increasing the mental health knowledge of your employees through exclusive webinars and training sessions with licensed professionals.

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Give your employees access to personalized self-care tools and resources, 24/7 Care Chat, and virtual counseling sessions with a licensed counselor.


Uncover insights on employee stressors through organizational surveys and monthly reports to help design effective HR strategies.

Our Approach

Hi-touch care,
hi-tech delivery

We use evidence-based techniques in mental health care and leverage technology to make support conveniently accessible - whenever and wherever you need it.

Infinit Care is the first to launch a comprehensive mental health mobile app in the Philippines.

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devices showing the Infinitcare apps

The Infinit Care Difference

Infinit Care brings you comprehensive mental health care for all your employees.

Infinit Care provides the kind of support that drives better mental health outcomes.

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Driven by technology, Infinit Care’s care options are convenient and accessible.

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Comprehensive Care

Infinit Care is not only a sick service. We design programs and solutions that can meet the needs of every person.

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Actionable Insights

Infinit Care provides clients with valuable and actionable organizational mental health data and insights.

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